Cast Away

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Cast Away was released in  December 7, 2000. The movie was directed byRobert Zemeckis. The main charachters are Chuck Noland, Kelly Frears, Stan, Becca Twig, Jerry Lovett, Bettina Petterson and Maynard Graham.

Cast Away

Cast Away is about a Fed- Ex freight worker called Chuck who gets stranded in a deserted island after his plane crashes in a violent storm in the pacific Island. He is in the island on his own for 4 years before he is rescued by a ship going past the raft he had made to find a way out of the island. During his stay, he learns to make fire to cook food, makes shelter to survive the rain and the stormy conditions, makes spears to hunt for food and learns to live alone by making a ball his imaginary friend. Upon his return to civilization he learns that his friends and family had held a funeral for him and had moved on with their lives assuming that he was dead.

I thought the movie was very interesting, adventurous and at times funny. It was emotionally destressing to see Chuck going through the trauma of being alone and finding ways to survive and  escape from the Island .Like him I also thought that he would never get rescued but it was good to finally see him being rescued.

I give the movie a 5 star rating.

5 star rating


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