Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Charlie and the chocolate factory was released on 1st September 2005. It was directed by Tim Burton. The main characters are Willy Wonka, Charlie Bucket, Mrs and Mr Bucket, Grandpa Joe, Mike Teavee, Augustus Gloop, Veruka Salt, Violet Bueregaurd and Dr Wonka.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The movie is about Charlie who lives with a very poor family who becomes lucky and finds one of five Mr Willy Wonka’s golden tickets. These tickets were given out as a test to see who would be the best in the factory and who ever survived would keep the factory. He gave the tickets out because he started to think that he was becoming a bit too old to run the chocolate factory. When Charlie wins the chocolate factory he has the choice to pick either his family or the factory. Charlie picks to stay with his family andhe still keeps the factory and works along side with Willy Wonka.  

I thought the movie was a very good entertainment. It was full of adventure, action and humour. It is a movie not to be missed. It targets audience from the ages of 8 and older and there is a lot of lessons to be learnt.

I give it a 5 star rating.

5 star rating


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